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New York Poker Club Robbed While Club Manager Arrested

Here's an unusual situation: You are the head of a prohibited poker club in New York City, armed robbers barge in and rob your card room's bank and your customers, getting away with $50,000. Then, the police arrive and proceed to arrest you for being the manager of the illegal card club.

This was the hapless fate of Edgar Concepcion, the manager of the National Card Room, a poker room located on the Upper East Side of the City which was frequented by sports and Hollywood celebrities, like New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, Sopranos star Robert Iler and NBA stars Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy.

Police officers said that 2 armed robbers barged into the poker club on June 15, 2007 around 12:30 a.m. and ordered everyone, including customers, on the ground before running away with all of the cash from the poker room.

A patron tried to chase them to no avail. The police officers who responded to the call had no luck catching the suspects, but they wasted no time charging Conception with advocating gambling and having bookmaking materials at his disposal.

Gamblers can legally play poker and make wagers in poker rooms, but it is still strictly prohibited for the owners of the card rooms to have a part of the profits.

The original poker club opened about 3 years ago on the third floor of the current location of the National Card Room on E. 61st St. and was formerly known as the Ace Point Backgammon Club and Chess Studio.

It was shut down however reopened just 6 months ago renamed as the National Card Poker Room. Concepcion is currently waiting for his arraignment.


07/09/2007, Monday